Take Out Bag Deliver Safe


Made In America

21x15x10″ “Deliver Safe” print, handled clear tamper resistant recyclable #2 HDPE take out bag, 250 cs

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21×15+10″ “Deliver Safe” print, clear, handled tamper resistant recyclable #2 HDPE take out bag. Sustainably made of minimum 25% recycled content #2 high density polyethylene, diverts plastic from landfills for re-use. Strong, safe tamper resistant bag ensures orders are received by customers via delivery service or pick up just as they were packaged at your restaurant. Flat bottom design is capable of handling up to 4 stacked large (9x9x3″) containers plus sides securely during transportation. Messaging on bottom including link, how2recycle.info, provides details on recycling locations  and best practices to help encourage consumers recycling efforts. Custom print available for minimum orders of as little as 12,000 units. Recyclable where facilities exist.

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Weight 14.79 lbs
Dimensions 10 × 7.5 × 22 in

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