Hinged Lid Container Small MFPP


Recycle 5 Made In America

5.7×5.9×3.1″ “EarthChoice” small recyclable #5 Mineral Filled Polypropylene MFPP hinge lid container, 400 cs

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5.75×5.9×3.1″ “EarthChoice” recyclable #5 Mineral Filled Polypropylene (MFPP) hinged lid container white. This recyclable container reduces plastic material by 50% using mineral filler and can be used for all food applications from 37-250 degrees. MFPP trays offer a terrific cost effective sustainable solution for both hot and cold meals. Stackable lid design and audible “Smartlock” leak resistant perimeter seal provides secure take out performance. Recyclable where facilities exist.

Additional information

Weight 22.49 lbs
Dimensions 14.63 × 11.94 × 24.5 in

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