Hinge Tray Clear medium 3-comp


Recycle 5 Made In America

8.35″ “Clover” medium 3-compartment recyclable #5 PolyPropylene clear hinge tray, 150 cs

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8.35×8.35×2.88″ “Clover” clear 3-compartment vented medium hinged container, made from #5 recyclable polypropylene material. Message on lid encourages re-use or recycling. Microwaveable with optional vent design, allows steam to escape keeping hot and fried foods fresh even when stacked. Leak resistant perimeter seal prevents spills from liquids like dressing for salads. Provides excellent solution for both hot and cold food applications. Stackable with clear design feature displays entrees or left overs without opening container. Recyclable where facilities exist

Additional information

Weight 14.7 lbs
Dimensions 17.31 × 17.18 × 12.12 in

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