Catering tray/bowl 12×16″


Recycle 1 Made In America

120 oz (8-10 serving) clear dual use oval catering tray/bowl made of recyclable #1 PETE, 25 cs

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120 oz, 12×16″” clear dual purpose PETE #1 recyclable oval catering tray/bowl. This super versatile dual purpose convertible serving solution can be used as a flat tray with domed lid or as a bowl with domed lid. Strong construction, immaculate clarity and leak resistant seal can handle a cornucopia of applications for 8-10 person servings. Unique design allows single product to be used as a flat tray with domed lid or turn it over and use as a bowl with domed lid for whatever application is required up to 120f degrees. Stacking feature allows easy, secure nesting for transportation to any event. Recyclable where facilities exist

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Weight 10.95 lbs
Dimensions 17.31 × 12 × 19.62 in

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