Biodegradable “Phade” straw 10.25″


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10.25″ “Phade” giant paper wrapped 100% biobased PHA marine/soil biodegradable, home/commercial compostable straw, 2000 cs

*Maximum GreenPoints™: 1.25

Watch Video: Phade™ Marine Biodegradable Straws

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10.25″ “Phade”  giant paper wrapped Aqua colored 100% biobased polyhydroxyalkanoate (PHA) straw. The latest and by far greatest new marine/soil biodegradable and home compostable straw available. PHA is a GMO free canola oil derived product that performs as well as any fully plastic straw with giant gauge to make sipping thick smoothies easy. In a marine environment this straw will biodegrade 88.1% in 97 days per ASTM D6691 standards. This innovative straw is soil biodegradable and home or industrial compostable per ASTM D6400 standards. Engaging print on paper wrap will maintain sanitary service and will be appreciated by your customers. We also have table top product messaging available, just call or email us a request for some. Inner box pack 250 each, perfect for bar services. Use for cold beverages only.

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Weight 6.76 lbs
Dimensions 22.75 × 12.25 × 11.12 in

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