12 oz clear cold cup polypropylene


Recycle 5 Made In America

12 oz clear Polypropylene #5 recyclable cold cup, 1000 cs

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12 oz clear polypropylene #5 recyclable cold cup. Durable, shatterproof and capable of service temperatures from 0 to 200 degrees Fahrenheit. An efficient, cost effective solution for beverage and dessert applications offering same lid fit for cups from 12-24 oz. Great for services such as pouring hot brewed tea or coffee beverages (not more than 212 degrees) over ice for instant, fresh, custom iced drinks. Use with lids C-KDL626, C-KC626TS or 626NSL strawless lid. Also works well with parfaits or other grab n go type applications when used with insert C-PI4U. Recyclable where facilities exist.

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Weight 23.26 lbs
Dimensions 19.75 × 15.88 × 17 in

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