What’s up with the name 1567? 

It’s really quite simple…from an environmental standpoint!

You will find the recyclable chasing arrows surrounding either 1, 5, 6, or 7 on nearly all of items we offer…Simple.

Our environmental strategy is to support American manufacturing, maximize the use of recycled content products in order to reuse materials, reduce the use of virgin plastics, and bring attention to what are legitimate, sustainable, single use packaging solutions. Numbers #1, #5 and #6 are widely accepted by private or municipal waste management services. Inherent to these materials are effective recovery potential and reusable opportunities which can all be managed within our nations borders.

#7 products are more compostable than recyclable, which is cool in places where commercial composting is readily available (just over 100 in the United States).  Products you will find within this loop include bioplastics such as Polylactic Acid (PLA) and Polyhydroxyalkanoate (PHA), which like biomass products (bagasse, wheatstraw, sugarcane etc) are best directed to commercial composting facilities. If you are using compostable packaging products that are manufactured overseas, we would appreciate the opportunity to help locate and support American made equals of those products for you.

The most effective and responsible action to achieve our strategy is utilizing U.S. manufactured materials coupled with recycling or composting management streams. A great amount of ‘greenwashing’ propaganda glorifies potentially less sustainable (in terms of global impact, supply stream, cost of goods and practical end of life efficiencies), biodegradable or compostable materials, the great majority of which are made overseas. Reducing the carbon footprint of disposable packaging products begins at the manufacturing and transportation stage, which is why we will endorse only American made. Actively recycling or composting our waste for re-use is the most significant step we can take as stewards of the environment. Continued development of products such as marine biodegradable PHA bioplastics and participation in sustainability efforts like waste stream management, will minimize the impact created by single use packaging necessary for food and beverage services. 

1567 ownership offers 50+ years of expertise in the foodservice packaging industry, with a major focus on sustainability. We will not support products that are manufactured in countries that lack environmental standards, nor will our products have to sail oceans to get to your establishment. Our strategic partners were chosen because their sustainable manufacturing practices and support of our American workforce.

Should you be interested in products not displayed on this site, we would be pleased to discuss with you directly other sustainable products created by our manufacturing partners to meet your service requirements.

Thank you for allowing us to do our best in transparently supporting your sustainable packaging demands…Cheers