This is all about you, and how we can bring your dreams of practical, sustainable solutions to your operation and patrons.

1567 would like to help improve your environmental approach to single use disposable food and beverage service packaging. Many of the items we offer have appropriate messaging to highlight your environmental stewardship and bring broad attention to the recyclability of the products. By sharing information with us, we can work together to identify U.S. made products that will benefit you, your community, and the world. Send us an email using to get the conversation started.

Some things to consider:

  • Are products made in America important to you or your patrons? They are to us at 1567 and we will help you ensure the money your spending to provide a service to thirsty, hungry people is helping to employ and operate U.S. manufacturing.
  • Are you paying the high prices for imported compostable or biodegradable products but not closing the loop by properly directing them to a composting facility? We would be pleased to help you find the closest composter in your area to take American made equals or help determine which recyclable products may be more effective for your operations environmental stewardship practices.
  • Did you know that plastic packaging may actually have less of an environmental impact than paper or other disposable packaging products? Check out the Life Cycle Analysis in our “For Thought” tab.
  • Have the costs of food products increased at your operations? Check out the composting section of our “For Thought” section.
  • Are you using expensive, poor performing paper straws? We have straws that work and are biodegradable in marine, soil and landfill environments. Partner with us to support non profit organizations focused on beach, ocean and wildlife land litter cleanup through your purchases.
  • Would you like to stop using straws? Check out our recyclable sipper lids 626NSL for cold drinks from 12-24 oz, no straw required.
  • Does your operation use different types of cups or containers for both hot or cold service applications? We may be able to reduce the number of packaging vessels needed for your services while enhancing your marketing efforts with environmentally friendly products.
  • Are you using bulk type utensils? The Preserve dispensing system ensures that clean, sanitary, recyclable or compostable utensils are available without the need for plastic wrappers.
  • Are the costs of your packaging supplies increasing without notice? With 1567, you always know how much it will cost for sound, environmentally friendly, American made, single use food and beverage packaging before it arrives at your home or place of business.
  • Are you interested in putting your name or logo on cups, food containers or trays, hinged lid containers, napkins or wraps? Depending on the product and minimum order quantity we may be able to help with inventory storage for up to 3 months.
  • Do you serve a thousand or more drinks per week and want to save the earth (and money spent) on water, labor and energy to wash glasses? If there are no current recycling services available to you, we may be able to help by taking back what we sell.
  • Would you like to support conservation efforts and litter cleanup through non-profit organizations? Allow us to be your supply partner and we will donate part of your purchase dollars on ‘featured’ products to accepting organizations every month.